Covid-19 Procedures

Kangy COVID Code

To conform to UK Government advice for pubs we have the following system in place.

  • We are operating a booking only service. Book via a link on our website.
    This ensures we have a record of who visits us, with at least one reliable method of contacting the you in the event of an outbreak.
    It also allows us to regulate the number of visitors and avoid overcrowding the pub and helps maintain social distancing.
  • Please restrict the size of your party to a maximum of six people.
  • Please enter the pub via the gate in the car-park (the front door is locked).
  • While you are in the pub, unless you are seated, please wear some form of face covering.
  • Please wait by the door until a member of staff greets you and allocates you a table.
  • While waiting, please use the hand-sanitiser provided by the door.
    Likewise, on your way out, use the hand-sanitiser again.
  • A staff member will take your order and deliver it on a tray – please take the glass/es from the tray yourself.
  • We prefer that you pay at the end of your visit using a contactless card.

The UK Government advice for venues catering to the public can be read here.

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Kangy COVID-19 Update

We Are Closed Until Further Notice

The government have issued their updated restrictions on how our industry may operate.

We have been vigilant with adhering to all given guidelines set out from reopening back in July.

Our efforts to help contain Coronavirus remains. Mindful of this, we will remain closed until the
tier system is reassessed and, hopefully, life gets easier for the life of a publican.

As operating procedures change, updates will be posted here.

Until our second reopening of the year (🤞), please stay safe, look after your neighbours and
remain optimistic.

Our current sufferings are a sacrifice for our future safety.