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Our reopening policy is a result of the latest government rulings. Our new procedures will be  reassessed on 17th May and 21st June when government guidelines are expected to change.

Please note: We are not serving food until further notice.

Please check back for further updates.

  • All bookings must be made via this website’s covid  booking form.
  • Each member of your group (no more than 6  – not 11, not 14, but 6) must be named and contact details given for them
    • We obtain and save your details for the legally required time for track and trace purposes.
    • There is also a  QR code available for NHS track and trace purposes
  • Your booking is not guaranteed unless you receive a confirmation. Please do not assume, as we are limited to seats and tables in the garden
  • Please be aware of weather conditions and dress according. We have gazebos to help protect from sun and rain – but it is England after all!
  • Please respect social distancing. Children may wish to wander, please discourage this. Remember, these rules are set to protect everyone
  • Upon arrival and departure, please use the  hand sanitiser we’ve provided
  • Masks/face coverings are mandatory when using indoor toilet facilities
  • Table service only is in operation, we will take your order and deliver it to you at the table
  • Payment can be taken at your table if it is with cash. Our card reader will only reach to the back door.
    → Please give us notice, as to not cause a scrum at the doorway ←

Please respect our procedures (and staff) as we aim to provide a Covid safe environment for everyone.

Many Thanks!!

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