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We’re back under the rules imposed before the last lockdown – to recap:

  • Please book a table before visiting – (click/tap here to book ).
  • Each member of your group (no more than 6 – not 11, not 14, but 6) must be named and contact details given for them on the form.
    • We obtain and save your details for the legally required time for track and trace purposes.
    • There is also a QR code available for NHS track and trace purposes.
  • Your booking is not guaranteed unless you receive a confirmation.
    • Please do not assume, as we are limited to seats and tables.
  • Please respect social distancing.
    • Children may wish to wander, please discourage this.
  • Upon arrival and departure, please use the hand sanitiser we’ve provided.
  • Masks/face coverings are mandatory when indoors and not seated.
  • Table service only is in operation, we will take your order and deliver it to you at the table.
  • Payment can be taken at your table if it is with cash.
    • If you’re outside, our card reader will only reach to the back door.
    • Please give us notice, as to not cause a scrum at the doorway.

Please respect our procedures (and staff) as we aim to provide a Covid safe environment for everyone.

Many Thanks!

Many of you are aware of our current Covid Procedures, the government have now elaborated and added to these.

Please accept our gratitude to everyone who has visited and followed our procedures thus far; and we encourage the same level of support as we implement further rules.
It is now, not just a guide from our government, but law.

Please read the latest government release – the link is at the bottom of this page, but to summarise:

    • face covering for customers are compulsory until seated
    • table service only
    • customers to eat and drink at their allocated table whilst indoors
    • NHS QR code displayed for ‘check in’ (each venue has individual code) for every visit
    • no more than 6 customers per table

We remain vigilant with our existing procedures and hope that these strict policies will prevent a further lockdown and keep us all safe.

Many many thanks,


To conform to UK Government advice for pubs we have the following system in place.


  • We are operating a booking only service. Book via a link on our website.
    This ensures we have a record of who visits us, with at least one reliable method of contacting the you in the event of an outbreak.
  • We are not using the inside of the pub. The garden seating has been arranged to allow social distancing and each table is under a gazebo.
  • Please restrict the size of your party to a maximum of six people.
  • Please enter the pub via the gate in the car-park (the front door is locked).
  • Please use the hand-sanitiser provided by the gate when entering and leaving the premises.
  • A staff member will take your order and deliver it on a tray – please take the glass/es from the tray yourself.
  • We prefer that you pay by contactless card.

The UK Government advice for venues catering to the public can be read here.

Our opening times are

Wednesday 5:00 – 8:00pm
Thursday 5:00 – 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday 3:00 – 9:00pm
Sunday 12:00 – 6:00pm


Please note that because of the limited available space in the Kangy garden, booking a place over the 2020 August Bank Holiday is essential.

Bookings will be made on a strictly first come – first served basis.

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